If you’re in Sanford and looking for a window treatment specialist then you should give Orlando Shutters, Blinds and More a call. We’re the specialists that can create something special in the home through our shutters, shades, and blinds.

Exterior Shutters in Sanford, FL

Exterior shutters are created to cover windows and doors. They are always installed on the exterior of the home and come in so many styles. We can customize them for a better fit for your home or they do come standard for standard windows.

Once installed, you’ll learn that the benefits outnumber any disadvantages as they have the tendency to go beyond that of any decorative appeal. They can also be used, much like interior versions, to filter the sunlight. They will make your home more comfortable to live in while improving on the energy efficiency.

Also, the exterior of your home won’t look so plain. Our exterior shutters are capable of decorating your windows there for improving the looks for the outside of your home. An improved exterior means higher resell value.

Sanford Window Blinds

When we hear the word “blind” the first thing that probably enters into the mid is Venetian. That’s because it’s one of the most widely, and inexpensive, blind you can buy. Our shutter company is here to alert you that there are more blinds than just that.

  • Vertical – These are for sliding glass doors and longer windows. It gets its name from the slats being vertical as opposed to horizontal.
  • Panel – Having two large louvers, panel blinds are a version of the vertical. The panels slide to a desired potion on the rack.
  • Roman –These are a one-piece fabric window treatments that are completely flat when lowered. When they are raised, they become pleated for your enjoyment.
  • Austrian – Created from lightweight fabrics, the Austrian version of our blind utilize pull cords. These cords pull form the bottom up.

Drapery & Curtains in Sanford

You’ll love new drapes. Our custom drapery & curtains are each made with a little TLC and enough spice to pizzazz the entire home. If you’re looking for a way to create more excitement in the home, then go with custom drapery.

Custom design will make your home more unique as it’s built for you only. No one else will possess the same design. Our designers have been creating magical pieces for homes for the past 18 years and want to create a pattern just for you.

For a Sanford shutter company that does all that and more, go with Orlando Shutters, Blinds and More. We’re talented and experienced enough to deliver quality and not quantity. We don’t skimp on our work as we guarantee that you’ll love each piece.

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